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Inspired by Sadhguru's piercing insights, we are happy to present a series of practical and profound initiatives that you can implement to bring an element of Yogi in you!
Agni Initiative by Mukul Anna

Agni Ep 1 — Eating with Gratitude!

How many things we have been taking for granted? Let's start with the food first! What happens when we don't take food for granted and understand how many beings gave their lives away to nourish ours?

Agni Ep 2 — Chewing Food 24 Times!

Many people have picked up this habit of finishing their meal in 6-7 minutes! How much overwork the digestive system has to do when you eat like you are drinking a glass of water! It's time to chew each bite consciously and experience the tremendous change you feel within!

Agni Ep 3 — Setting the Right Ambience for Eating

This may surprise you but how you consume food is as important as what you consume! Don't be in a hurry — don't watch TV, check your phone, or do any other passive activity while consuming food. Eating something is a sacred act and you should do it with utmost awareness and gratitude!

Agni Ep 4 — Neem & Turmeric!

We look at how having Neem and Turmeric early morning, on a daily basis is very beneficial for one's Sadhana and overall well-being.

Agni Ep 5 — How Many Meals Can One Have?

In this 5th video of the Agni series, we explore from a yogic perspective about how many meals can one have and why having sufficient gap between meals is so important.

Agni Ep 6 — Consume At least 50% Raw Food

In this 6th video of the Agni series, we explore why consuming at least 50% raw food is beneficial for the human system and how it can influence our daily activity.

Agni Ep 7 — Consuming a Variety of Grains

In this 7th episode of the Agni series, we explore the importance of incorporating different types of grains, especially Millets, in one's diet and how they are beneficial for one's health.

Agni Ep 8 — Eating Fresh Food

In this 8th video of the Agni series, we explore why eating freshly cooked food is beneficial for the human system as opposed to refrigerated food.

Agni Ep 9 — Eating Locally Grown Food

In this 9th video of the Agni series, we explore why eating locally grown food is beneficial for the human system as opposed to food that is imported from somewhere.

Agni Ep 10 — Drinking Water with Reverence

In this 10th video of the Agni series, we explore how bowing down to the water in gratitude before consuming can change the way it is assimilated into the human system, and how it works towards one's overall well-being.

Agni Ep 11 — Ideal Temperature of Water

In this 11th video of the Agni series, we explore the ideal temperature for consuming water depending on one's aspirations in life.

Agni Ep 12 — Water in Copper Vessels

In this 12th video of the Agni series, we explore the benefits of consuming water stored in copper vessels and how this can immensely benefit one's health and energies.

Agni Ep 13 — Positve, Negative & Zero Pranic Foods

In this 13th video of the Agni series, we explore how food is classified in the Yogic system and what foods are suitable or should be avoided to increase one's energy levels and aliveness.

Agni Ep 14 — Eating Whole Grains

In this 14th episode of the Agni Series, we look at why we should consume whole grains instead of refined grains. For example choose Whole Wheat instead of Maida (refined wheat flour) or Unpolished Rice over White Rice.

Agni Ep 15 | Jeevarasam - Drink Consecrated Water

In this 15th episode of the Agni Series, we look at the significance of Jeevarasam which is a powerful tool to energize water, and how consuming this energized water can lead to one's overall health and well-being even without being exposed to any yogic practices.

Agni Series Ep 16 | Fasting on Ekadashi - a tremendous spiritual possibility

In this 16th episode of the Agni series, we look at how fasting every Ekadashi can not only enhance one's health and well-being but also become a great possibility to grow spiritually.

Agni Series Ep 17 | Eating Vegetarian Food

In this 17th episode of the Agni series, we look at why Eating Vegetarian food is more supportive for your system and this is not a question of morality or ethics but just about eating what is easily integrated by the system. Also we bust a few myths about not being able to do intense physical activity due to being vegetarian.

Agni Series Ep 18 | Don't Sleep After Your Meals!

In this 18th episode of Agni series, we explore why you should not sleep immediately after having meals! A gap of 1.5 to 3 hours is recommended before you sleep.

Agni Series Ep 19 | Why Yogis avoid milk!

In this 19th episode of the Agni Series, we look at why consumption of milk is not recommended for one's overall well-being and especially for aspiring yogis.

Agni Series Ep 20 | How much water to consume?

In this 20th episode of the Agni Series, we look at what is the appropriate amount of water to be consumed throughout the day and why following recommendations of drinking a fixed amount of water may not be beneficial for one's health.

Agni Series Ep 21 | Guidelines for Solar and Lunar Eclipses!

In this 21st episode of the Agni Series, we look at guidelines specified by Sadhguru for Solar and Lunar Eclipses - on how to keep the system in the best possible way, do's and dont's with respect to food, practices etc on Eclipse days.

Agni Series Ep 22 | Groundnuts - A Yogic Meal!

In this 22nd episode of the Agni Series, we look at how groundnuts (or peanuts) can be a complete meal by itself and why its recommended to have them on a daily basis!

Agni Series Ep 23 | All About Sprouts - including how to sprout green gram!

In this 23rd episode of the Agni Series, we look at how sprouts can be a rich source of nutrition and an essential element of a yogic diet! It also includes a video on how to sprout green gram (mung beans).

Agni Series Ep 24 | Horsegram - Increase Your Ushna! (includes Horsegram - Kollu soup recipe!)

In this 24th episode of the Agni Series, we look at how horsegram can be beneficial. Horsegram has the highest protein content for any lentil found on this planet and many medicinal benefits as well. It can help increasing ushna (heat) in the system - a boon for aspiring yogis!

Agni Series Ep 25 | Multigrain Health Drink (includes Sanjeevini Ganji recipe!)

In this 25th episode of the Agni Series, we look at how consuming a multigrain health drink such as Sanjeevini can be beneficial and how it can also be treated as a complete meal by itself, packed with all the essential nutrients required by the body.

Agni Series Ep 26 | Say NO to White Sugar!

In this 26th episode of the Agni Series, we explore why consuming white sugar on a regular basis is harmful to one's system, and what are the more natural alternatives to white sugar, that are not only sweetening in nature but are also beneficial to one's well-being.

Agni Series Ep 27 | Drumstick - A Miracle Tree!

In this 27th episode of the Agni Series, we explore how Drumstick or Moringa Oleifera is a miracle tree and that how every part of this tree, be it the bark, the leaves, the pods, or the seeds, is useful to the human system.

Agni Series Ep 28 | Honey - Take This Daily!

In this 28th episode of the Agni Series, we explore in depth about Honey - a highly positive pranic food that is great for daily consumption!

Agni Series Ep 29 | All About Ragi - Includes Ragi Kanji recipe!

In this 29th episode of the Agni Series, we explore about Ragi (finger millet), a highly nutritious cereal that can do wonders for our health and well-being! We have also included recipe to make Ragi Kanji (porridge) and how to make Ragi flour at home.

Agni Series Ep 30 | Ash Gourd - Includes Ash Gourd juice recipe!

In this 30th episode of the Agni Series, we explore about Ash Gourd (Winter melon) - a highly positive pranic food! We have also included how to make Ash gourd juice - a highly refreshing and energetic drink that you can try to have daily.

Agni Series Ep 31 | Amla - Boost Your Immunity!

In this 31st episode of the Agni Series, we explore about Amla or nellikai (Indian Gooseberry) - which can help boost immunity and has loads of other benefits as well!

Agni Series Ep 32 | Sesame - Boost Your Energy!

In this 32nd episode of the Agni Series, we explore about Sesame - a High Energy and High Protein food!

Agni Series Ep 33 | The Best Way to Heat Water

In this 33rd episode of the Agni Series, we explore about the best way to heat drinking water - from among Solar, Firewood, Gas, and Microwave!

Agni Series Ep 34 | Coconut - A Yogi's Choice!

In this 34th episode of the Agni Series, we explore all about Coconut and its multiple uses!

Agni Series Ep 35 | Coping With Food Allergies!

In this 35th episode of the Agni Series, we explore how to cope with Food Allergies!

Agni Series Ep 36 | Say No To GMO Foods!

In this 36th episode of the Agni Series, we explore why you should avoid GMO Foods!

Agni Series Ep 37 | Eating With Bare Hands

In this 37th episode of the Agni Series, we explore why we should eat with bare hands.

Agni Series Ep 38 | How to make a yogic meal easily?

In this 38th episode of the Agni Series, we explore how you can make a yogic meal easily! Also you will find a yogic recipe to try out!


We encourage you to share your experience of implementing Agni in your life so others also catch this 'wildfire' and get inspired! To submit your experience/sharing, please email us a write-up or a link to the video at ask (at) yogire (dot) com!

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    “Mukul Anna, I have acidity problem for a long time (around 7-8 years) and was taking lots of medicine only but after watching your Agni videos from Youtube channel I tried to change my eating habits as you said and Anna trust me I got tremendous results!Now I can survive without medicine 😄

    Now I'm chewing my food properly 😀and actually taking dinner between 7 pm to 8pm. Anna changing dinner timing suddenly reduced my acidity problem. Before I used to take dinner at 10 or 11pm and slept off suddenly.

    But now I'm completely following your Agni series. Thanks so much Anna 😃🙏”
    — Sasmita Das

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    “Namaskaram, Neem and turmeric is doing magic in my system, Helping me a lot in storing energy, it balances system very well by cleaning and dilating it. I don't know whole chemistry of it but it relaxes the system which is distinctly visible in my Sadhana 😊🌟

    Thanks a lot for making us realize all these things to include in our daily LIFE.

    I heard sadhguru in many videos talking about its benefits but I never paid that much attention to it. It is very often that we miss some very fundamentals of what he is saying to us. But by again and again making it go through our awareness by WhatsApp group, Aahar sessions, Agni series...bringing these little and very fundamental things to our notice and made us able to implement it in our daily lifes through proper guide is truly something that just can't be put into words. Thank you again and again from the bottom of my heart to everyone in this Yogi Re Team to reaching us in beautiful and subtle ways. ”
    — Anam

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    Let us tell you about Aaditya's experiene, a post doctoral student in Taiwan.

    Initially he felt that something like tears while consuming food could never happen to him but to his utter surprise when he tried implementing again, it shook him and he wasn't able to fathom this logically!

    If you haven't yet tried implementing, please do check out the Agni 1 video above, try implementing and share your experience with us! 🌸 🙏
    — Aaditya's Experience

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Namaskaram from Mukul Anna!

Agni has been conceived by Yogi Re — an initiative started by Mukul to bring at least an element of being a yogi in everyone's life.

Mukul underwent intense teacher training designed by Sadhguru, founder of Isha Foundation, and has personally conducted 350+ workshops across Bangalore in the last 4 years, touching over 6000 lives!

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