A holistic online camp for children and teens (7-16 years) to re-introduce vital elements — nature, yoga, food and play!

July 21 to 23, 2023
6:00 to 8.00 PM IST


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In a world where Children believe strawberry to be an ice-cream (not a fruit!), it's imperative that we introduce them to nature and instill a profound sense of love.

we will be exploring various aspects of nature and her ecosystem by watching Sadhguru's videos to rekindle our love affair with the Mother Nature.



Once a child begins to experiencing the world as one, naturally they will start being more responsible without the need for any morals.

Isha Yoga practices (designed by Sadhguru) are a step in the right direction for the physical and mental wellbeing of your child and enhance the immunity amidst challenging times. We will be doing Guided Yoga sessions live online, there aren't pre-recorded sessions.



We will see how children can incorporate changes in their diet and start eating healthy. They would love to learn about delicious vegetarian yogic meals comprising of fruits, veggies, and nuts. Whether your child is addicted to Lays or not, s/he is going to love positive pranic food.

Good food certainly doesn't have to be boring!



As Sadhguru says, being a sport means you are willing to play. If there is anything that is truly close to a spiritual process, in the normal course of life, that is sports.

children will be able to understand the importance of play in life and see how to get more involved in whatever they do.

Hear what the children have to say about their

Srishti Online Experience!


“Namaskaram mukul anna, I am Sarvagya from New Delhi. I am seven years old, I enjoyed your online yoga session. Looking forward for more classes. Thank you soooo much.”
— Sarvagya, New Delhi
“Namaskaram Mukul Anna, I'm trying to eat 50% raw food in my diet as you said. I have started eating healthy, as in sprouts, groundnuts, etc. as you suggested. Thanks so much for this online program 😊 🙏”
— Aarav, Noida
“Namaskaram Mukul Anna! My name is Aanya and I'm 7 years old. I really liked your Online yoga session, so now I can do all my yoga practices without any mistakes. Thank you for the session 😊”
— Aanya, Bengaluru
Parents Sharing :
“ I have been waiting for this day when my little one would be introduced to yoga as a lifestyle! We have followed the reviews for the srishti online yoga program for children over a year now! and Mukul Anna and Team are great with follow ups, giving each child personal attention even in this online module.”
— Neha Goswami, Navi Mumbai

Online Camp Details


July 21 to 23, 2023

All 3 days need to be attended

6:00 to 8.00 PM IST

If joining from other time zones please convert date and time to your respective time zone using this link

It will be a Live Class Online on Zoom.
Log-in Details Will Be Shared Post-Registration
Age Requirement

Children/Teens between ages 07 to 16 years – prior exposure of yoga is not mandatory.

Parent Orientation Session

There will also be a 1 hour parent orientation session on the last day i.e July 23 from 8-9 PM IST to see how you can support your child after the program to continue what they have learnt during the program.

Yogic Practices Covered

Simha Kriya
Nada Yoga

Fee Structure

If more than 1 joining from same family and login, a concession of 15% can be availed. Kindly contact us for the same.

Srishti Online Memories!

mukul yogi re

Namaskaram from Mukul Anna!

Srishti is a holistic residential camp for young minds to re-introduce and bring about vital elements — nature, yoga, food, and play into their lives. We have completed close to 20 Srishti camps and about 400 children have gone through the Srishti experience so far.

Srishti is one of the programs offered by Yogi Re — an initiative started by Mukul to bring at least an element of being a yogi in everyone's life.

Mukul underwent intense teacher training designed by Sadhguru, founder of Isha Foundation, and has personally conducted 350+ workshops across Bangalore in the last 6 years, touching over 6000 lives!

The Transformations!

Due to the onslaught of interactive pollution that beams through mobile devices and gaming consoles, most people would think it would be difficult for a kid to be in Yoga, eat healthy food, or stay in touch with the nature. Let us assure you, that's not the case with the 'Srishti Kids!'

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✢ We have limited registrations. If you are keen, then please register early to reserve your child's spot

✢ We schedule Srishti Online classes once in a while. If you are unable to attend during the listed program dates and would like us to update when the next batch happens please let us know by filling out this simple form

✢ You need to login atleast 10 mins before start of session and login entry will be closed few mins before session start. Late comers won't be able to attend the session and also session recording won't be available if you miss. So please ensure to be on time and attend all the sessions live.

✢ We will be forming a Whatsapp group for all registered participants for further updates regarding login details and other program info, support, queries, etc. So please ensure to enter your Whatsapp number correctly while registering

✢ Participants need to maintain light stomach condition for the Online program: 2.5 hours after a full meal for those above 13 years and 1.5 hours for under 13 years

✢ In case of any queries, please do contact us at +91 82174 81232 or email us at ask@yogire.com

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Srishti Online for Children/Teens

A 3-Day Online Camp,
July 21 to 23, 2023
6:00 to 8.00 PM IST


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