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Who We Are

Yogi Re conducts various classical Isha Hatha Yoga programs like Angamardana, Surya Kriya, Surya Shakti, Jala Neti across Bangalore as well as holistic camps like Srishti for children. And we are quite happy doing our bit by helping people find their inner bliss and stillness!

Cauvery Calling — A Special Campaign!

Donate for minimum 100 trees using the Yogi Re Cauvery campaign link (bit.ly/yogire-cauvery) and get a free Individual Invite to the Aahar web session.

Please note that this is only applicable for donations made through the Yogi Re campaign link. To avail the offer, kindly Whatsapp paid donation receipt to +918217481232!

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Agastya - Yoga, for Everyone!

  • Agastya

    Agastya is a Yogi Re initiative to bring yoga to underprivileged sections of the society in a sustainable way. So far, we have been conducting Isha Hatha Yoga programs in 3 schools/orphanages/special kids institutes, changing 350+ young lives!

    Donate: Just ₹500 / per year from your end could transform a kid's life!

    Agastya Initiative!


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    “I have been practicing Jalaneti over a year. It has changed my quality of sleep/life unimaginable! I was on steroidal medicines and advised sinus operation and I could avoid both with Jalaneti. Deeply grateful!”
    — Chandana, Jala Neti Participant
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    “Dear Mukulji, Thank you for taking care of our son Siddhant and giving him the best memories of his primary school holidays. I believe he is old enough to rmember these for life.

    Since the day he returned from the Srishti camp, he has been constantly raving about the amazing time he had with all of you and the new friends he made. About the amazing place that SwaYYam is, and the really yummy food that it was, and the really awesome people who took care of him.

    Our profound gratitude to Mukul ji, for putting together such an amazing program. And heartfelt gratitude to Malvikaa ji, Akshata ji, Rasika ji, Harsh ji, for their selfless service.”

    — Gouri and Prasad, Parents of a Srishti Participant Siddhant
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    “I had done the Surya Shakti program in Hebbal. My experience doing Surya Shakti—

    I used to do Surya Kriya regularly but now Surya Kriya along with Surya Shakti gives me phenomenal amount of energy irrespective of busy schedule in the office and late night sleep.

    I used to go for jogging even along with all other yoga practices but now I don't require anyother exercise if I do Surya Shakti 33 cycles and above.

    If I do 108 cycles (once a week), it's completely different kind of energy and body feels like breeze. I am having -1.5 in the both eyes but my eye sight is improving after practising Surya Shakti.

    Feeling very grateful! 🙏🙏”
    — Marudhu, Surya Shakti Participant
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    “It was a wonderful experience with Mukul Anna. I wish I could stay connected with him lifelong, for I could learn more yoga and also have fun with him. I also loved the food, yum yum yum! I also had wonderful time with my friends. Before attending this program whenever I closed my eyes I would sleep! Later I learnt to close my eyes and stop myself from sleeping.

    Mukul Anna was the best teacher I have ever ever met in my whole life. Thanks a lot for teaching us yoga and taking care of us like your own children 🙏”
    — Diyanta Nair, Participant
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    “Mukul, you and your team are magic weavers...the kids who would not budge even at 6:30 from bed are waking up voluntarily at 5:30, doing yoga and eating right! In just 2 and a half days they are transformed.

    I wouldn’t believe it if I had not seen it with my own eyes. Sadhguru’s grace is certainly at work here 🙏”
    — Pallavi Mishra, Parent & Principal, Oakridge International School, Bengaluru

Aahar - An In-Depth Look into Food

  • Aahar

    A yogic perspective on food to boost energy and take charge of your health! This online program is specially crafted for aspiring yogis! What you eat determines how you are in many ways. Learn simple diet secrets used by yogis to live healthy life. If you to learn to eat right, health and well-being is just a byproduct and not something that you need to aspire for.

    Date: Oct 19 - 6pm to 8.15pm IST

    Fee: Min ₹1200 / $20

    Aahar Online

Namaskaram from Mukul Anna!

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Msukul Anna's Story
Mukul Anna's Story
Yogi Re is an initiative started by Mukul Anna to bring at least an element of being a yogi in everyone's life. He has personally conducted over 250 workshops in the last 3 years, touching over 3000 lives!
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Yogi Re Blog

Why Teaching Kids?

children doing isha yoga

For those of you have been in touch with us for some time, you must have noticed that we plan a lot of programs for kids 😄 So why this focus on kids and coming up with more offerings for them? This is primarily because one of the biggest learning experiences and turning point in my life happened due to teaching kids! Ever since then, my eyes light up whenever I get an opportunity to spend time with kids — I consider these young ones as my mentors, who showed me how I should be.

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Srishti - A Yogi Re Initiative

  • srishti bengaluru camp

    A fun-filled 3-day residential program in Bandipur with an aim to instill love for nature along with powerful yogic practices.

    Dates: Sep 29 to Oct 01, 2019 & Oct 11 to Oct 13, 2019

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